Synopsis- CBD!

CBD has insinuated itself into every aspect of our lives, from body oil to pet food. The cannabis derivative cannabidiol is an omnipresent cure-all that has gone from being “voguish” to “a mainstream panacea,” as The New York Times recently noted. And it’s a particular favorite of the crowd endemic to Brooklyn, the Bay Area and other similar urban environs.

Now comes Amy Sohn’s parodic parable CBD!, written in the style of the beloved children’s book by William Steig, CDB! A unique work of humor and a puzzle book, it is packed with charming black-and-white illustrations by Eric Hanson—and for those of us who need it, there’s a solution key in the back. Though not appropriate for kids (except for really smart and transgressive ones), CBD! will delight CBD users, irreverent parents, ex-children, and anyone curious about or appalled by the wellness industry.