USA Today review by Jocelyn McClurg, 3 out of 4 Stars, September 2, 2012: Is Amy Sohn the most coveted dinner guest in Park Slope, or the most dreaded?

BroadwayWorld interview by Caryn Robbins, August 30, 2012

NPR’s “All Things Considered” Weekends interview by Laura Sullivan, August 25, 2012: Struggling With Parenthood in ‘Utopic Motherland’

Salon interview by Roxane Gay, August 24, 2012: a midlife crisis can also be a kind of coming-of-age story

Boston Globe Q and A by Beth Teitell, August 21, 2012: a candid and unsentimental story

New York magazine’s The Cut by Lisa Miller, August 18, 2012: the plain vanilla transgressions of modern wives

Parents magazine “Mom Must Read” by Kristen Kemp, August 17, 2012: guaranteed to be . . . snappy

New York Post Page 6, August 15, 2012

FIPS interview by Meredith Turits, August 14, 2012: a shit ton of sex and lying and crying babies, and also more sex

Interview interview by Lianne Stokes, August 14, 2012: Park Slope parents should kick off their boat shoes

Tres Sugar interview by Annie Scudder, August 14, 2012: emerging from the black hole of raising an infant

Mommyish interview by Koa Beck, August 14, 2012: media depictions of motherhood are pretty unflattering

New York Daily News by Sherryl Connelly, August 12, 2012: Perhaps adult supervision is called for, but I say let ’em have at it.

New York Newsday by Marion Winik, August 10, 2012: From Brooklyn to Cape Cod, from Broadway to Hollywood, “Big Chill” developments change lives

New York Times “Big City” column by Ginia Bellafante, August 4, 2012: “…narrative defense against the notion that New York is now a boring, commitment-obsessed place.”

Glamour magazine by Megan Angelo, “13 Supercool Things to Look Forward to in August,” August 1, 2012: “posh but strained lives of parents”

Woman’s Day’s Summer 2012 Reading List, July 30, 2012, an emotional web full of love, lust and regret, tinged with forgiveness

Read more: Motherland by Amy Sohn – Summer Reading 2012 – Woman’s Day
Spiked Online by Nancy McDermott, late July 2012: “lightning-fast beach reading and well-observed social satire”

Elle Magazine, August 2012: “…explores the waning of passion, the angst of being housebound with kids, and the despair of watching your spouse morph from best friend to apathetic, angry, or needy adversary”

More Magazine, July/August 2012: “With their summer rentals, designer strollers and organic produce, hipster parents are prime parody material”

New York Magazine’s CultureVulture, June 1, 2012: “…will be engaging and probably hit slightly too close to home for New York moms”

Westchester Magazine, June 2012: “…connected stories of infidelity, ambition, and reinvention”

Chicago Tribune, May 27, 2012: “Ongoing smart soap opera”

Library Journal, May 15, 2012: “like a superfun Brooklyn Desperate Housewives with erudite characters”

Library Journal, February 20, 2012