My Old Man


For Rachel, men are trouble. She’s lost touch with God and dropped out of rabbinical school. She’s too in touch with her controlling father and at arms’ length with lover Hank, an unctuous indie-film auteur. In the midst of a “quarter-life crisis,” Rachel tries another faith-based profession, bartending, and hears numerous confessions. Her father, suffering a midlife crisis, loses his job and hooks up with Rachel’s best friend. Rachel’s mother can’t handle menopause and needs Rachel at a book club discussion of Silent Passage. With too much information from parents, friends, and barflies, Rachel receives completely useless advice from narcissistic Hank. Enlightenment dawns during a murderous tennis game with her father, best friend Liz, and Hank. Full of humorous vignettes set in a charming Brooklyn brownstone neighborhood, and idiosyncratic characters dropped in quirky situations leading them to a realistically untidy but gratifying ending–all of this is more poignant and thoughtful than the typical chick lit novel, and readers will enjoy Rachel’s angst-ridden journey to adulthood.
– Kaite Mediatore