“Amy Sohn’s unputdownable The Actress is like Henry James crossbred with the very best of US Weekly. An addictive saga of love, lust, fame, and friendship centered on a fascinating question: Are we who we pretend to be?”
– Elisa Albert, author of The Book of Dahlia and How This Night Is Different

“Utterly engrossing from first page to last, The Actress is the best kind of page-turner. Beautifully written, acutely observed, and just plain delicious. I couldn’t put it down.”
– Dani Shapiro

“Amy Sohn turns her razor-sharp eye on stardom in this sexy and engaging novel. The Actress delves deep into the nature of love and marriage, and offers a behind-the-scenes studio tour of Hollywood to boot.”
– Emma Straub, author of The Vacationers

“Amy Sohn peels back the tabloid curtain and portrays, in granular detail, the emotional and vocational machinations of a made-in-Hollywood marriage. The Actress is a riveting and frothy novel.”
– Teddy Wayne, author of The Love Song of Jonny Valentine

The Actress is an intelligent and humane novel that manages to civilize Hollywood while honoring its often overlooked complexities and still leaving its wicked vitality intact.”
– Elizabeth Kelly, author of Apologize, Apologize! and The Last Summer of the Camperdowns

“In the story of Maddy Freed, indie actress gone Hollywood A-list, Amy Sohn delivers at once a serious Bildungsroman and a surreptitious pleasure. The Actress is juicy and addictive, a Jamesian Page Six of a novel.”
– Elizabeth Gaffney, author of When the World Was Young