In this addictive read, Sohn offers a voyeuristic glimpse into the lives of fabulously wealthy Hollywood stars. Talented New York City actress Maddy Freed is headed to the Mile’s End Film Festival as the star of her longtime boyfriend’s indie project. Within days of winning one of the festival’s acting awards, she flies to Venice to audition for a renowned, reclusive director opposite superstar Steven Weller, an aging action hero who has long been dogged by rumors that he is gay. Unsure of whether she is auditioning for a part in the movie or for the role of Steven’s latest conquest, she lands both and is soon outfitted with a manager, a stylist, a nutritionist, and a trainer. But Maddy’s otherworldly new life has its own difficulties, especially when her old friends tell her that she’s changed or when Steven starts to disappear for weeks at a time, ostensibly traveling with old friends on his beloved sailboat. This may well be Sohn’s breakout
book for its salacious look at a star obviously modeled on Tom Cruise and for its magnetic themes of lust and fame.
— Joanne Wilkinson
6/1/2014 issue of Booklist