It’s Not About the Pom-Poms

On March 20, the memoir I co-wrote with Laura Vikmanis, It’s Not About the Pom-Poms: How a 40-Year-Old Mom Became the NFL’s Oldest Cheerleader and Found Hope, Joy, and Inspiration Along the Way, will be released by Ballantine Books. Laura and I could not be more excited about it (as we were by former cheerleader Madonna’s ode to cheerleaders at the Superbowl halftime show). Laura has an amazing life story and is an inspiration to me. She is sunny, optimistic, and most important, she was not afraid to pursue her dream of becoming an NFL cheerleader as a middle-aged single mother of two, even after being told repeatedly that it would never happen for her. She ignored the haters and went for it. After being rejected the first time she tried out for the Cincinnati Ben-Gals, she kept working out, took a hip-hop dance with twelve-year-olds, and enrolled in a class taught by a former Ben-Gal, all to help her get on. It worked and the next time she tried out, she made it! Though there is an NFL cheerleader who is a grandma, Laura remains the oldest NFL cheerleader.
I had a great time hanging out with Laura in Dayton last year learning her story. I also realized that when you spend time with a bunch of twentysomething cheerleaders with rock-hard abdominal muscles and almost no body fat, it makes you join a gym, which I did.
Here is a Yahoo video on Laura’s story. The video is part of a great series called Second Act, which is about people discovering a new passion midlife.
Here is Laura’s web site,
You can pre-order the book now from Amazon, Indiebound, or B & N. There is also an audio version recorded by Laura.
Stay tuned for readings and events and news about the motion picture of Laura’s life to be made by New Line. This is Invincible for women.

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