Over the years many people have written to ask if I would put out a collection of my New York Press column, “Female Trouble,” which ran from 1996 to 1999. I have no plans to do so but I’ve done the next best thing, which is given all of the columns to Byliner.
If you read them in chronological order it’s like a mini-novel, taking you through the Novel Lover years, the Young Director months, and all the one-nighters in between, including Radical Hottie, Social Satirist, Guy Nouveau, Indie Rocker, Darius Rucker, Indie Auteur, Comic Cynic, Mr. Director, Tom of “The Booby Trap” and of course, Paul. You can also read such classics as “The Drools,” my satire of The Rules, “The Line of Seriousness,” about the pitfalls of saying “I love you” first, and “Stench of a Woman,” about what happened after I farted in bed with a new boyfriend.
The content is not free, you have to sign up to Byliner Premium, but it’s cheap and with it you get to read Bissinger and Krakauer and Tan, not just my “Female Trouble” columns.
To get a sampling of all my content on Byliner including “Female Trouble,” go here:
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