New York Post

I was at the Post in 1999-2000. My column was called Amy Sohn on THERsdays (get it, HER?) and featured me lying on my bed in a teddy, a pencil my mouth and my feet in the air. When the photographer came to take this photo I thought the resolution would be better. But despite the grainy print and unflattering natural lighting, it led to years of fan mail from foot fetishists. This would be less interesting were it not for the fact that with my wide, flat feet I could never be a foot model and yet the fetishists still found me.
The column was a pop-cultural column that required me to write about a paragraph about three or four different topics of interest per week. I occasionally wrote about myself too.
One of the first stories I was assigned was on the Yankees clubhouse. My editor, Vicky Ward, had the idea to send me to the clubhouse to report on what it looked like. One of the Post’s sports guys hooked me up, without really knowing what I was going to write about. Vicky asked me to ask Derek Jeter if he was friendly with Sarah Jessica Parker. I did get into the clubhouse and got to interview Jeter but he didn’t really like the question and most of my time was spent silently looking around and scribbling notes on what I saw. Apparently the article caused a bit of a controversy, because soon after my brother, then a college student, called to say a friend from high school had told him they were talking about me on WFAN. Then this appeared in New York.